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Monday, November 21st, 2005
11:46 am
good quotes of late
ok, so there's been some interesting things said of late. check it out...

mike from amsterdam says, "before money there was god, then nitzche killed god, and then karl marx defined money as god." -- 18 nov 05

mario says, "the left wants to impose tolerance, but isn't that intolerance?"
------ 18 nov 05

mario's roommate henrik says something like, "technology follows economic globalization, but technology and cybernetics doesn't acknowledge the assumption that there is a correct interpretation of reality, thereby creating cultural homogenization."
------ 18 nov 05

geoff says, "technology is the engine of globalization."
------ 18 nov 05

dan says, "can you be educated and not in the public sphere? in order to be educated, you have to pursue culture; in order to pursue culture you, have to participate in the public sphere."
------ 18 nov 05

so, i have to give some context to these next two quotes. the question was; is there a western civic identity? (meaning, is there commonality between all people who are considered western?) consider that if there is a western civic identity, then there is no transatlantic crisis. (meaning, north america and europe are not going to go their seperate ways, but instead their friendship and alliance will get closer). and then the quotes...

reuben says there is no western civic identity because at their core, europeans are colonists, but they've learned from the errors of their ways and now "europeans want to colonize the mind and sell their values."
------ 20 nov 05

alex says, "Ukrainians are distinguished from the western civic identity because 1) our soviet background and 2) we don't hvae blue eyes and blond hair.
------ 20 nov 05

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
11:26 am
quick quote
here ya go ankeeta...

daniel says... "oh, you don't like being poked in the butt?"

ankeeta says... "NO! Not with that!"
----- somewhere about early october-ish

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
6:03 am
some memorable quotes from us...

geoffrey says... "my handwriting is my secret code."
--- 24 oct 2005

prof. sorensen says... "government of bush not legitimate in the eyes of many in the international community, at least in comparison to the Clinton administration."

alesia responds... "if states like the u.s. and russia are illigitimate, then all we have is an interdependence of illegitimate states."
--- 20 oct 2005

neha says... "i love dachshunds. i wish i had an army of them."
--- 12 oct 2005

ok, so i thought i had more, but that's all i've found in my notes and such. i know you guys have been saying and hearing other great lines, so post 'em here.

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Friday, October 7th, 2005
3:14 pm
the economics of globalization
last week we started our second class of the course. it's called "transformation of the state" and so far it's been all about the debate between whether it's globalization affecting state sovereignty or if it's states driving globalization. the first mission here is to nail down a definition of globalization, which we said was "the intensification of social relations across borders." oh, that's great, now i know exactly what we are talking about cause "social relations" isn't a vague term in the least. so, prof. sorenson said that to increase our analytical power we should break it down into smaller aspects and for this lecture we took a look at the economics of globalization.

and then we broke it down again, into six sub-questions:
a) financial globalization: global market vs. domestic regulations
b) 'national' vs. 'global' firms: how prevalent are they?
c) globalization vs. regionalization: global market or regional blocs
d) trade patterns
e) production patterns
f) interpretation of history: was the world economy just as global in 1913 as it is today?

now, discuss.

something i wasn't very clear about in this discussion was exactly what are we talking about? are we talking about at this very moment in time? are we talking about where has the world come to? are we talking about where is the world going? if i had to answer yes or no to "is the world globalized right now?" my answer would certainly be no. but if you asked me, "is the world more globalized today than ten years ago?" my answer would be yes. but also, if you asked me, "will the world be more globalized in ten years?" my answer would also be yes. so, this begs, will the world ever be fully globalized? will we ever be able to celebrate an annual "global day" on which everyone on earth recognizes that day as the day that the world became globalized?

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
12:23 am
media presentations of africa
so, today in lecture, we had this talk about how western media presents africa and all the preconceptions and how the media has a tendency to only write articles to fit into those preconceptions and stereotypes.

then i watched "the ghost and the darkness" with val kilmer (now that i've typed it, it doesn't look right). now, you wanna talk about reaffirming stereotypes. holy guacamole. that's what this movie is all about. white man saves the day. carzy africans thinking lions are the devil. it's all one big hopeless situation. but we'll build this bridge and connect africa to the modern world. it had vivid vivid examples of all four parts of hans' circle about african coverage from calss. i think the one redeeming value of this movie, beyond the solidly chuckle-worthy lines throughout the movie, was that a black man actually survived at the end. oh so rare in hollywood, it's disgusting.

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
2:19 pm
ok, so this is a little test. last night the internet went out on me, so let's see if we can get a first posting to the erasmus mundus community. hold on tight, here we go!!!
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